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Updated: Nov 4, 2019

In my twenties, when I was given the first opportunity to get a dog, I happened upon Mia, a black Labrador. I walked her everyday, several times a day, and worked tirelessly on several commands throughout our walk. Of course, she was always given the chance to empty her bladder and bowels. However, I was too focused on training and my own fitness needs I regretfully didn't allow her to take in the scents or leave her "markings." In my defense, I didn't know then the importance of this ritual.....I do now. In the woofer world, it's an opportunity to gather information and leave information for others just like we do via e-mail; dubbed p-mail in the Woofer world. It really is quite impressive all that can be communicated within this yellow stream such as social status, gender, stress levels, health. Here are some additional pee-mail facts sure to impress. Above is Maui choosing his parent's nicely manicured landscape to leave his message of love. He always makes sure not to ruin the argyle top in the process.

Fall is the time of year most appreciated by our leaf pile loving p-mail distributors. With so many to choose from before collection day, Ozzy (to the right) will climb the tallest pile to be sure his message is read. What does he have to say? Well he just returned from Florida and wants to share all the "hot babes" he saw on Juniper Beach. Important information to disseminate for sure. As a result of this p-mail, Spirit airlines has seen an increase in dog carrier requests on upcoming flights. News such as this is something worth sharing; thanks Ozzy!

Ozzy doesn't mind being on display to share his news, but that isn't the case for Zoe on the left. As you can see, she's a bit modest and prefers to tuck herself under her hood to share her news. She lives in Shadow Lake and you can imagine that some of this p-mail may end up in the junk folder pile with this complexes high volume of Woofers. This is why Zoe makes it a point to go out often enough to keep her messaging relevant and at the top of the list. Zoe's owners have such unique jobs traveling from photo shoot to photo shoot in the tri-state area and have many "celeb" sightings to share. Think of Zoe's p-mail as the equivalent of our "People Magazine." Some call it mindless reading, but Zoe views it as relevant information!

To the right is Tangerine spreading her p-mail near a busy Red Bank road and has no shame doing so. She prefers to share her news in the same spot again and again. She likes to create a burn spot on the grass to give her readers a visual as to where to get the latest news. Red Hot Red Bank has much to communicate so be sure to look for those yellow spots!

Below are some of our other Woofers and their expressive ways:

Rowlfprefers a contortionist stance to share his news. Not sure how he can maintain the pose and pee but he does so effortlessly.


saturates the "news world" with literally two gallons worth of p-mail. He must have a lot to share.

Cookie will often shift her leg mid-stream which communicates to me that she may communicating mixed messaging. I will never know this to be true, but can only guess.

Roxyoften lets her sister Bella start with the gossip, but will always leave her two "scents" by peeing directly over Bella's words. Isn't that what sisters do....have the last word?!

Charlie'sfavorite time to share his news is after Christmas when all the trees have been brought to the curb. He understands the high volume of competition in the p-mail world during this time of year and uses his smarts to disseminate his info. during the slower weeks!

In closing, next time you are out for a walk with your Woofer pay close attention to what they are communicating and what they are receiving. It really is quite fascinating. I have witnessed some Woofers go to great lengths to get to a scent that drives them "nuts!" As they breathe the news in, I often think I wish I could decipher this information. Well, I can only hope that part of the news they are sharing is the quality service Hoofin and Woofin provides. As well as how we don't view the need to sniff as "annoying," but as a necessary part of being a Woofer's day to day ritual. A special thanks to all my Hoofers who captured these "pee shots" and didn't hesitate when I asked them to fulfill this odd request. Also, to my Woofers who allowed us to capture these vulnerable shots all in the spirit of education!

Written by: Karen Kane (the original Hoofer)

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