Will You Be My Woofer?

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Love is in the air and this Valentine's Day husbands and/or significant others will be scurrying to buy those dozen thorny roses, purchase the Hallmark card that says it better then they would, and perhaps you may adorn yourself in a red outfit for the day. Admittingly, I do feel the extra LOVE that day. It got me thinking, if my woofers had the opportunity to "date" what would their dating profiles say? Well, below are a few of our most eligible candidates that are looking for some "animal attraction."

Pictured to the left is Shayna and based on the pillow you'd think she was a fighter not a lover, but this depiction couldn't be further from the truth. She has chosen to take some time off from dating, she has found her past encounters to be too high maintenance for her liking. She'll stick to her bones and cheese doodles for now.

Delicious Darla

Look at that pose! She's working the camera showcasing those long, luxurious legs. If she were a piece of chocolate in a Valentine's Day chocolate assortment, she'd be the most sought after flavor. As humongous as she is, she is as gentle as they come. As unique as her markings, so is her personality. Often referred to as a horse, she rolls with it because she knows she is as stellar as a stallion. Oh, zoom in on those bedroom eyes! This is her signature feature.

She is looking for: someone who enjoys quiet walks and who will take time to smell the roses and/or everything else along the way! They must love children and enjoy snuggles as Darla is a known personal space invader. Please note all applicants will be screened by her mom for quality assurance as Darla is a prize possession.

Bodacious Beau

Woofers settle down, this spindly-coated Pit is enough to go around. Upon meeting Beau, he is upfront that he prefers to keep "the playing field open" as he never knows what lies ahead. Just look at his physique....this didn't come naturally. He is constantly out and about fining-tuning those muscles. Those piercing eyes will freeze you in time and nothing else will matter at that moment but each other.

Beau is looking for: someone who is equally as fit, enjoys long walks on busy roads, someone who eats healthy with no fillers or preservatives, and someone who LOVES routine. Beau likes to spend his day in a particular order and if his schedule isn't to your liking, then you must move on in your search. Beau likes predictability and I am predicting his phone will be ringing off the hook.

Gorgeous Gigi

Potential applicants, this girl is new to the area and is looking for a night out in Red Hot Red Bank. She loves the finer things in life so be sure to visit the ATM machine before picking her up. Venison is her meat of choice and 100% all natural treats is what she enjoys. Have a look...this beautiful shiny coat and dreamy eyes doesn't come without her diligence to clean eating.

She's looking for: someone who enjoys laying on the couch surrounded by plush blankets watching Animal Planet, someone who adorns themselves in the most trendy attire, and someone who doesn't mind her suckling habit of plush animals. She can't help the latter, it's her motherly instinct. Gigi will take great care of you, provided you do the same for her.:) Her mom is single too and she's accepting applications for her as well:) Trust me, she's a catch too!

Rebellious Rowlf

Ok, so he isn't rebellious, but he did want to get your attention. His name alone should be a shoo in for a match. Seriously, what woofer can say they've dated a Rowlf in the past. This "doodle" is just that.....he has a carefree spirit and a walk in closet he's willing to share. Oh and he loves to share fishing stories while rocking on his front porch. No worries, he's strictly "catch and release."

He's looking for someone: who is willing to play with his tennis ball in the yard and isn't afraid of grass stains on paws, someone who hates car rides, and who is a "treat connoisseur" such as himself. Rowlf is partial to Southern Belles; after all that's where his mommy is from! Can you blame him?! Therefore, only Southern accents need apply.

This is just a small sampling of eligible woofers in the Hoofin and Woofin Pack. I encourage all seeking "mates" to jump onto our FB page for some more possible connections. By scrolling through the page, your woofer should know if it's "love at first woof!" That was corny....I know.:) As for me, they had me all at "woof!"

Written by: Karen Kane (the original Hoofer)

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