What's the Matter Cat Got Your Tongue?

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Ok so maybe I am not speaking about a cat in this blog, but I did want to grab your attention. Pictured to my left is my Woofer pal Charlie. I don't see him as often as my other Woofers, but when I do he moves our relationship quickly along with the surprising "sucker kiss." Never really know when it's coming, but when it does it leaves a lasting impression. I as well as many others, was duped by the myth that a Woofer's tongue is cleaner than a Hoofers. Well after doing some research, this is NOT true as the tongue is filled with bacteria. To date, I haven't contracted any communicable diseases, in fact my own theory is it builds my immunity....so lay it on Charles!

Double the Slobber

Sometimes these moist muscles come in pairs. Here's Hoofer Val enjoying her daily dose of exfoliation and hydration from Shaina and Bella. Hoofer Val had to pay double for her service from Shaina....I mean just look at the size of that tongue! When resting, Shaina's tongue does still poke out. This hint of pink serves as a reminder to all the Hoofers involved in her care of what looms ahead. Is it the salty taste they enjoy, the trickery of when it is coming, or just their way of saying hello? We will never know, BUT we do know it's moisten ways are inevitable.

The Tongue Defines You

Ok maybe not in the Hoofer world as it is inconspicuously tucked away, however, if you are Cookie (pictured left) it truly does. Part of our role as Hoofers is to take care of the needs and desires of our Woofers. Secondary to this role is the capturing some great woofer moments via our iphones. Our Woofers with all black fur pose a photography challenge with being able to even define their bodies due to some lighting issues. and their dark coloring This is where the tongue comes to the rescue. The mere poking of that touch of pink, can define the face and give the viewer a point of reference. Not only is this accomplished with this picture to the left, but it also compliments her long flowing lashes too! Folks those lashes are REAL.

Suns Out Tongues Out

Here we have Roxy at the end of a walk. This summer has been particularly grueling with the heat and humidity where I found myself having a close relationship with my weather channel app. However, I would often use the length of Roxy's tongue as a barometer as to how much further the walk could continue. That tongue has more accuracy then the local meteorologist. In fact, her sister Bella is appreciative of Roxy's tongue's talent. Roxy does take a break from forecasting with her tongue and does use it for a quick slurp of affection when one is not expecting it. Given out infrequently, this kiss makes it that much more special.

Sometimes Underestimated

The tongue can be seen as having an insignificant role in a Woofer's life compared to that of their nose, but for Blaze it is everything. This long haired pointer can get overheated quite easily and relies on this fatty, saturated tongue to cool him off. Upon our return from a hoof I see it in action.....dripping, pulsating, and hanging until the job gets done. This tongue doesn't get the accolades it deserves, particularly buried under his goatee. Cooling off isn't the only function; here's an article with some additional info. Sure to amaze.

In closing, the purpose of this blog entry was to have you the reader view "the tongue" for what it is rather than the slobbery act we all know too well. So when you grab that towel to dry off, take the time to observe this incredible muscle. There is much we can learn from it. You'll be amazed as what its telling you! How many licks does it take to get my point across? You tell me:)

Written by: Karen Kane (the original Hoofer)

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