Wanna Go For a Ride?

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Sometimes those words never exit my lips as it's the jingle of the car keys that send Sadie into a frenzy. There is nothing my Woofer enjoys more than a car ride with the windows down and the constant desire to be my co-pilot. It truly is amazing what the car ride does for her. An anxious dog by nature, there is something about the speed of the car, the intense sensory experience, and the visual overload that soothes her soul. I often joke that this car ride is her therapy. Any opportunity I can do so, I have her co-pilot some of my excursions. Anyone who has ridden in my car can attest to its doggie odor, the abundance of dog hair left behind, and muddy paw prints excitedly placed on my leather seats. This is the only part I can do without. Would I swap having a meticulous car for Sadie's enjoyable experience? Absolutely not.

As I said earlier, it's the jingle of the keys that gets Sadie into a revved up state. No pun intended. She will spin around several times, run throughout the house, actually smile, and have a difficult time remaining seated for her leash application. Once geared up, she knows exactly which door we enter and waits excitedly for the unlock sound from my car key chain. She hops in and ALWAYS tries to wedge herself between the driver and passenger seats. No way Sadie! That's just not safe for all involved. Don't get me wrong I'd love the close proximity to you, but not when I am driving.

Have You Seen the Flapping Muzzle Go By?

Not in my Subaru you haven't. Pictured here is my protector and other hoofin' sidekick Diesel. He knows the drill...harness on, unlock car sound, I open the door, and he jumps in almost banging into the car door opening because he just can't wait! Unlike Sadie with her overt physical excitement, Diesel prefers high pitch squealing to show his excitement. This symphony of squeals will continue until we have reached our destination. For safety reasons, I do not open the windows so Diesel is sure to leave some "pup-kiss" on the windows. For those who don't speak Woofer language, that's slobber smeared across a car window.

Did you know that New Jersey has a new law that requires your Woofer to be restraint while driving in the car? I am not opposed to this new law as I have witnessed some careless motor vehicle stunts such as: sitting on owner's lap, co-piloting in the front seat, entire bodies hanging out the window, heads peering over the window shield on a convertible and woofers bouncing back and forth from front to rear to cargo space throughout the journey. Here's some restraint suggestions that you may want to get your Woofer used to. Not an easy task, but one that would save their life if an auto accident occurred.

Can't We Just Hoof?

Pictured in my backseat is Rowlf, who isn't a fan of car rides. Now he won't put on the brakes, but his body language clearly indicates that he isn't on board; figuratively that is. He doesn't take the opportunity to watch the world go by nor does he ask for me to roll the windows down. Instead, I crank up some easy listening music and reassure him that we are almost there! As always, Rowlf will make the best of any situation and his owners usually will travel by foot or bike when they can. Are we almost there yet Hoofer? Don't worry Rowlf soon enough!

Turn Up the Music Hoof!

If frequent flier miles were given out Tang would rack up several free voyages with her miles. A couch potato by nature there has NEVER been a car ride that she has passed up! Usually takes some time to get her off her comfy couch, but with the promise of a car ride she gets grooving. Now for Tang, it's isn't the destination, but the journey there. How do I know this? Well once we hit the local park, she does her business, turns around, and heads back to the car and won't budge until she's back in. Don't worry Tang, I'll play your favorite station, "coffee house,", roll down those windows and let the ride begin.

I don't mean to put a halt to this blog, but I have some cruising to do with my girl. As you can see, depending on the Woofer, will depend on whether the jingle of the keys does anything for their excitement level or put them in a state of panic. Some times a car ride is unavoidable so here's some tips to relax them. Now if you'll excuse me Sadie wants to go for a RIDE!

Written by: Karen Kane (the original Hoofer)

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