The Sacrificial Lamb

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

What did Lamby do in his former life to deserve such treatment from many of my Woofers. Was he originally the "black sheep?" Did he "baa baa" too loud and wake up the local neighbors? Was his cotton blend not soft enough for the sweat producing consumers? In order for Lamby to survive, he will need to reflect on his past behavior and make some positive changes to persevere. What I have witnessed between my woofers and Lamby hasn't been pretty.

Let's start with Ozzy. He, by far, has been the BIGGEST perpetrator in the sacrificial lamb scenario. I have lost count, but I do believe, and I am not exaggerating, he is onto Lamby #32. There is something about the white soft fur, the big red nose and paws, and that slim mouth that brings out the inner beast in Ozzy. When his owner releases Lamby to Ozzy, the hunt begins. First a sniff, then a rigorous head shake with Lamby clenched between his jaws, then the release. Ozzy's hunting instincts kick in and he requests that Lamby be thrown over and over again until he has had enough. How do you know when he's done? Well, he uses Lamby as a head rest. Unfortunatley, Lamby thinks he's safe. The sacrifice is too gruesome to go into detail, but the picture above sums up Lamby's demise. And so the Lamby cycle continues...purchase, sniff, shake, toss, and shred. I guess one could explain this as the "cycle of life." Disclaimer: Ozzy is as sweet as can be...just not with Lamby!

It was Love at First Site for Maui

Maui's relationship is not as barbaric. He chooses to take a different route. Upon his first glance, it was love at first site. Maui couldn't help but become mesmerized by Lamby's long eyelashes and his soft fur. Maui brought Lamby everywhere. Lamby could be found in Maui's crate, in the corral, on his chaise lounger, and even on the long car ride to Florida. They did everything together. When Maui felt anxious, alone he could always count on Lamby to bring him comfort. Maui has multiple Lamby sizes to suit the activity he'd like Lamby to take part in. Although their relationship has since changed with the arrival of Maui's new baby sister and Maui's neutered state, they will always have such fond memories that they often reflect back on.

Rowlf is A Vegetarian

Lastly, Rowlf has absolutely no interest in Lamby. In fact, we aren't sure if they had a disagreement in a past life or if Rowlf is a vegetarian, but Rowlf has a big basket of toys in which he chooses to shred. He greets his Hoofer with one dangling from his mouth with an invitation to play. After a toss Rowlf can be found placing any one of his plush toys gingerly on the floor, paws placed on them for stabilization and then the shredding begins. Don't believe me? Have a look in the picture above and you will see the evidence.

I'll purchase 3 shares of Lamby

What have I learned about Lamby? Well, he has a different role with every Woofer he meets. I did promise Lamby that I would include an article to offer some alternatives to his purchase. Given Lamby's popularity I will say that I have invested in some Lamby stock as I see a pattern here! Looking for a Lamby alternative, here are some Woofer toy favorites.

Written by: Karen Kane (the original Hoofer)

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