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Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Probably one of the biggest reasons I love my job as a Hoofer would have to do with the greetings I receive from my Woofers. The degree of excitement, love, thrill, and enthusiasm can't be matched in the Hoofer world.

Having grown up with an Argentine mother who often had her Spanish speaking friends over for drinks I was forced to greet them all. This greeting didn't involve a wave, a quick hello, or a nod of acknowledgement, but an involved process. I would have to start at one end of the couch, say hello in Spanish, kiss all of their perfumed cheeks, and stand there awkwardly until all their obligatory questions were finished. Can you tell I am still traumatized by it all? This ritual was something I knew would have to take place when I saw those cars lined up outside, heard the laughter and all that Spanish chatter. It wasn't her friends that I wanted to avoid, but the awkward unnatural greeting that would take place.

The Woofers of Hoofin and Woofin aren't given an etiquette class on the proper greeting nor are they forced into the "hellos." All of these woofers each have their own unique ritualistic way of greeting which makes this job so endearing and heartfelt. Let's take a look at their unrehearsed ways.

Darla above prepares for her greeting with her mom's verbal reminder that the Hoofer is coming. Darla typically is a night owl and always slow to start her day. However, when her mother mentions "Hoofer Karen or Val are on their way" Darla peels herself off the couch and watches from the window. Upon our arrival, her rather large head consumes the window frame and her bark tells us she's "good to go!" She greets us with a downward dog, a few leaps side to side, and then a lean into our legs that certainly knocks us over. Can't remember the last time a Hoofer greeted me this way!

May I Offer You a Cookie?

This little ball of energy has a squeal that would certainly not be welcomed after a night of partying. Her excitement level is certainly a 10 and she physically displays all that her body will communicate from jumping, skidding across the floor, laying on her back, and walking on her hind legs. If it were any other Woofer who displayed this energized greeting they'd be exhausted before they headed out for their walk. Not this girl she can go the distance; on her terms though:) I count my lucky stars that this "cookie" doesn't crumble with an accompanied piddle. Why you ask? Well it would be quite the mess!

"Arch who goes there?"

Not only are the Woofer greetings so authentic in their portrayal of love, but they can also be ritualistic. Archer, this adorable Beagle, can be found perched up on his couch adorned by his fluffiest of blankets with the sun shining on him like a cat. Now he didn't always set himself up here. When the Hoofers first started with him we would have to peel him of his parent's down comforter bed to go for a walk. Not sure why Archer decided to change locations, but he did. As we enter his domain there is one thing for certain, he will be in his spot awaiting our arrival. On the rare occasion he isn't there, my heart does skip a beat.

So Very Nice to Meet You?

How boring would life be if we were greeted the same way everyday during our visits. Here's some more unique ways our visits get started.

Ruckus cautiously greets us until he knows for sure it's a Hoofer. Once he makes that connection he wags his stub!

Liko brings us his shredded and sometimes wet towel as a token of love.

Bailey tends to give us kisses not on our cheek but in our mouth!

Charlie stands at the top of the stairs and prefers a grand entrance.

Shayna and Bella poke their heads up from the couch with their tongues dangling.

Diesel gives out an intimidating bark with a paw scratch at the door sure to frighten anyone but the Hoof.

Sampson takes a moment to gather himself before saying hello. He doesn't see the urgency.:)

May and Penny are at the door waiting with a squeal and a wagging tail.

Gigi comes barreling towards us unaware of her size and strength knocking us over.

Beau greets us at the door with a whipping tail that can hurt if one doesn't dodge it.

Rowlf (pictured with purple toy) likes to share his owner's socks with us.

Nala prefers to peer from around the hallway corner while her brother Colin jumps for joy.

Macy eagerly awaits on the other side of the door while Rosie spins herself around.

Lastly, Tang sleeps through the initial entrance. She knows the importance of beauty sleep.

I think all my Hoofers would agree that on the days that things aren't going our way these greetings are a game changer. To know that your presence means that much to someone else is gratifying and heart-warming. So Woofers keep sliding across that floor, continue to bring us those dirty socks, and slap us with those drool entrenched tongues as we wouldn't want to be greeted any other way! Hoofers want to know what's the appropriate way to meet a Woofer......have a read.

Written by: Karen Kane (the original Hoofer)

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