One Way Ticket to Maui

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

I've always wanted to visit Maui for its sunset cruises, whale watching opportunities, and for its long historic culture. So what has held me back? This guy pictured above along with all my other Woofers that look forward to their daily visits. Honestly, it is the long flight that holds me back. I would have a difficult time sitting for so many hours! Although Maui, a Mini-Australian Labradoodle (pictured above) didn't take me on any sunset cruises and we never did see any whales (only seagulls) he did provide me with more then any island adventure could!

Maui has become one of the many poster Woofers that symbolizes what Hoofin and Woofin is all about. Not just a potty break, but an opportunity to develop a fulfilling bond between the Hoofer and Woofer. So how did this curly hair bond between the two of us begin? Well, I remember it like it were yesterday. I received a phone call from Maui's owner Marc inquiring about our services. In our conversation, he shared how another competitor was providing less than the agreed upon time with their cherished puppy. I knew I had big "paws" to fill given their prior unfortunate experience. A "meet and greet" was scheduled and Hoofer Val and I met Maui, Marc and Mike. What I remember most about that meeting was Maui's puffball body and white muzzle. I was very impressed with Marc and Mike's well-thought approach with Maui's care. They had every detail worked out like rainy day attire, cheerios for command reinforcement, and plentiful poop bags for the taking.

Upon accepting this gig, I knew Hoofer Val and I would be under a microscope given their past experience, but I knew they'd be thrilled with our service. During our time together, we witnessed Maui's love in learning all his new commands, his strong attachment to Lamby, and all the new adventures in his Rumson neighborhood unfolding with each walk we took. At first our walks were limited to tugs at the leash, but this was soon replaced with tracking down the local postal worker for that promised treat. Maui's neighborhood was a great place to explore new sights, sounds, and scents and each day brought a different journey; literally. As he entered adolescence, we witnessed his squatting marking position to urinate was soon replaced with leg lifting. It truly was a honor to see all the many stages of puppyhood unravel before our eyes. Most of these changes were expected as a natural progression of canine development, but some were even beyond Maui's control.

In hindsight there may have been many hints of this major life change unraveling before our eyes. For example, the car seat delivery, the "What to Expect the First Year" book, and the baby girl clothes hung throughout the house. These clues definitely led us to the conclusion that a baby was soon arriving, but trying to explain it to this Woofer who was the center of Marc and Mike's world was best left to experience. Those adorable pink outfits were soon adorned on Brynne and as you can see Maui accepted her with his loving tongue! (picture above) We continued our routine with Maui, although his parents were home, which I was so appreciative that his parents saw the value in keeping with Maui's routine for his sake and ours!

One would think a change in pet services, a new baby, and an additional Hoofer (Johna) would be enough change for this snuggly guy. Well let's add a job change for his parent and a move to the sunny state of Florida to follow. Another call that I received from Marc that I can remember like it were yesterday; the news of the move in less then a month's time. My heart was crushed with this news as the same was felt by Hoofer Val and Johna. After all, we had been with this guy from the beginning of his existence.

I always knew Woofers would come and go throughout my business, but I never gave it much thought about the extended relationships that would form with their families. Pictured above is all of Maui's Hoofers at a bon voyage party the night before Maui left. There is no doubt that a strong relationship had formed with Hoofers, Maui and with his family which made the departure more difficult. The Hoofers all had a part in Maui's development and in all that he had become. We all found comfort knowing that wherever Maui goes he will make the best of the situation, of course with his wonderfully loving support network by his side. My only request to Maui and his family is that whomever takes over in his pet care they are not to be called a "Hoofer" at anytime. :) They all gave their word that there was only 3 Hoofers in his world and no one else would replace our Hoofin!

When one door closes the other one opens and we have no doubt that Maui would be exploring his new neighborhood, making new friends like Maizy (pictured here), and would soon make friends with the local postal worker(of course with treat in hand). I will forever miss his "puppy freak-out sessions in the backyard", his uncontrollable excitement met with some piddle upon our arrival, and his cuddly body by my side. We all have received texts and pictures since Maui's move and have even been invited to visit and stay in their Florida home. Perhaps the Hoofer World Tour will be headed to Maui's hood real soon. Until then, we wish you all the best "our playful Maui" and know you will settle into your new home in no time! You always make the best of any situation.

Hoofingly Yours,

Hoofers Karen, Val, and Johna XOXOXO

Written by: Karen Kane (the original Hoofer)

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