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Updated: Nov 4, 2019

My most favorite holiday happens this month and it isn't due to the ever so delicious gravy made by my sister-n-law Beth, or the overly moist turkey I purchase from Whole Foods that is already seasoned, or the oozing apple pie I take out of the oven to be smothered with a generous heaping of vanilla ice cream. Don't get me wrong, this is a nice added bonus, but it's my inner reflection of all that I am grateful for that puts a smile on my face. Instead of consuming another serving of mashed potatoes I will enjoy my extra heaping of the following Woofer behavior that warms my soul and reminds me of all that I have to be thankful for. In addition to my list below I found an article that has more reasons as well.

Here's just a few examples of what us Hoofers experience on a daily basis:

* the excitement witnessed each and every time we arrive to their homes

* the inspection of what we have been up to every visit

* the slobbery kiss given without hesitation

* the desire to be near us at all times

* the inspection of what we have been up to every visit via the lasting sniff

* the look in their eyes that we are their everything

* their unconditional love

* their willingness to go on an adventure without question

* their ability and willingness to make every selfie that much cuter

Please Pass the Pepper

Thankfulness isn't just felt by the Hoofer. If you look closely at your Woofer's nonverbal behavior you'll see that they are "stuffed" with gratitude too. Here we have Pepper showing Hoofer Linda how much she appreciates her presence. As soon as Linda has a seat, Pepper will find a spot either on Hoofer Linda's lap, next to Hoofer Linda's leg, or follow Hoofer Linda in anticipation of some belly rubs. This isn't the only sign that our Woofer's show us that they are thankful. Below are some other signs and activities that show their gratitude.

The notorious tail wag: probably the most overt sign to show their pleased feelings with whatever it is that you have done. It could be entering the room, just looking their way, the sharing of a bone, the promise of a car ride; they all induce that wag. Some of our Woofer's tail wagging provides a tickle while some with bruise your leg. Therefore be mindful of the anatomy of that tail; especially with our lab friends!

The kiss: whether it's Cookie giving that "sucker kiss" when you least expect it or Bailey who prefers to get her tongue in your mouth they both deliver the same message....pure love! I often wonder how I taste! It's also fascinating to me how some Woofers can't get enough of unleashing those kisses while others no matter how much you beg won't pucker up!

The jump: this expression can be cute when we are talking about a mini-havanese but coming from a boxer it is a totally different feeling. In all honesty, the boxers can't help this "boxing jump" and that's the main way they like to show their love and appreciation. I embrace the love and gratitude they are sharing, but will always wear pants during those visits!

Turkey with Extra Gravy Please

Even with the humid summer we have had, all the massive rain that has fallen, and the colder weather soon upon us......we still have so much to be thankful for the Woofers in our lives! So this Thanksgiving season when your Woofer is either staring at you in hopes that you'll share some mashed potatoes or under the kitchen table in hopes that some food may fall, be sure to include them when offering thanks. Also don't forget to share your turkey with your Woofer this holiday season, but be sure to remove the skin. Here's a Thanksgiving list you may want to check before sharing the love via food!

Happy Thanksgiving to Hoofers and Woofers alike. May you be as "stuffed" with gratitude too!

Written by: Karen Kane (the original Hoofer)

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