It's All Gravy

Gus sits on his mod chair overlooking his kingdom while the Fall foliage is at its peak. That's not the only thing he's observing. He is observing his owner Kathy as she is frantically getting the house ready for a Thanksgiving feast. She has that corny apron on that says, "I'm stuffed with Thanks", she's wearing those stylish shoes that she can't wait to throw off, and she's scanning the internet as to how to baste a turkey for the utmost moist sliver. For Gus and all our other Woofers this is not how they view turkey day, not only is it too exhausting, but doesn't benefit them in the least. Here's how they'd envision this most festive day if they won the wishbone break and had their wishes come true.

Hunting for Stuffing

Jersey has on her most festive vest and has recently sharpened her hunting skills and is ready for what's about to happen. This is the moment most woofers have been waiting for. The moment they strategically place themselves in the kitchen just so hoping to get in the way of the chef. This is not by accident, but formulated to create a trip hazard whereas stuffing goes everywhere and the feast can begin. Now Jersey knows better then to create this hazardous spill if there are onions and garlic in the stuffing as this could be toxic for her. If her eyes tear and her owner's fingers smell of garlic, she rethinks this plan. Luckily for Jersey, her mother omits onions and garlic from the stuffing due to its gaseous production. ;) For those woofers whom aren't as educated on these dangers, please have a read. It's best to have a Thanksgiving game plan in place prior to having folks arrive should any woofer emergencies arise. Knowledge is to power as turkey is to snoozing!

Are They Here Yet?

Here's Cassie waiting patiently for all her guests to arrive. They are all coming to see her right?! The door bell rings over and over again and let's be honest Cassie knows who will be the late arrivals. There's always a few in the group. Luckily for Christine, Cassie is not a door darter as she knows this Italian family puts on quite the spread and she would be a fool to leave. Have a door darter woofer? Here's some tips to keep them safe with each door opening. Cassie can't wait for all the scents to sniff and all the coats she can lay on. If someone is wearing a pom pom hat, then she's in her glory to have a shredding fest. She will scope out all attendees and find that special one to curl up against or consistently paw at for yet another ear scratch. Let's get the festivities started!

I Will Catch It No Worries

You have heard of "Find a Penny, pick it up. All the day long you'll have good luck!" Well this Penny is feeling lucky; especially on Thanksgiving Day. The hopes of little kids with ill manners, over consumption of alcohol, and crowded dinnerware settings will heighten her chances of particles of food falling. Now this girl has been around the block and she knows to position herself at the kiddie table. She isn't opposed to cleaning off the hands of self-feeders, stealing a roll from a distracted child, or licking gravy off the pants of a child who chooses not to use a napkin. How did she learn these Thanksgiving survival tips? Her hound sister May is the master food collector; she's learned from the best. The only difference is May has an overt appearance at the table whereas Penny likes a covert operation.

In the end, does it really matter how we perceive Thanksgiving whether we view it from the Hoofer or Woofer perspective. What matters is the time spent whether it be through great conversations, pant leg sniffing, or curled up next to your best friend. On this day and quite frankly everyday let us remind ourselves for all we are THANKFUL for. Anything above and beyond this is "Gravy!"

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