I'm a Poet and Didn't Know It

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

As we reach the end of the year, I can't help but reflect on the Kane9 pack that I have hand-selected to provide our stellar service. I thought I'd get creative in sharing each of them with you and take a chance on some poetic creative flow. Afterall, these ladies deserve this extra effort. Hope they find it as entertaining as I do! Lucky for you all, I won't be quitting my day job; that is hoofin!

Hoofer Ann Has "Run" the Span

My first hire and here's what I admire

Her attention to the woofers and her fashionable attire

Multi-tasking is one of her many impressive skills

It is not often that you will find her standing still

She often makes a list and checks it twice

And if you know her you know that she's super duper nice

She cares for these woofers in her own special way

At the end of their time they wish she would stay

Hoofer Ann keep being you

If I could clone you I'd do that too

Hoofer Val is All Bark

She appears as tough as they come

However, once you get to know her you'll be her best chum

She has a special place in her heart for these dogs

And she will never show up to her shift in clogs

Will often spend extra time with the woof

This is one of the many reasons she is one exceptional hoof

Hoofer Val you have a special gift with capturing the moment

Did you know she's a huge animal rescue proponent?

Thank goodness you decided to retire in your early years

To that I raise my glass to you in cheer!

Hoofer Linda is as Sweet as Can Be

She feeds the feral felines in her hood

Always looking to do something good

When not hoofin she's at the barn

She would stay there all day; she doesn't give a darn

She's always willing to lend a helping hand

And when she's not, she's on Facebook taking a stand

All her woofers greet her with such wagging tails

I would buy ten Hoofer Linda's even if she wasn't on sale

Hoofer Linda you are a true animal lover

Stay with me some time as there's still more to discover

Hoofer Laura a Storyteller at Heart

Hoofer Laura has a story to share

For all that will listen and for all that really care

She always shows up with some time to spare

With a ball, a kiss, with hopes for a long walk to share

She finds humor in all that she does

And lives her life this way just because

From puppies to couch potatoes they really are so different

She spends her time so very efficient

She prefers the summer months to take her strolls

But regardless of the season she has a kind soul

Hoofer Johna has the Hoofer Gear

She starts her day with her favorite gear

And completes her look with a hoofer belt she holds dear

She carries all you could imagine that one would need for her walk

She even asked if perhaps we should wear a Hoofin smock

With her curls tucked underneath her hat with such care

She leads a busy life with not even a moment to spare

A laugh that makes the woofer's so happy

I could go on and on but I don't want to appear too sappy

You will always see a smile on her face

If this were a race she'd come in first place

The Hoofer Pack Always Remains on Track

As you can see I have an awesome bunch

I truly do mean this as we often meet them for lunch

Each and everyday I count my lucky stars

I love them here and I love them from afar

To me this isn't just a job, this is a solid pak

I must admit sometimes we get out of wack

I hope they stay with me for some time

Afterall, I just wrote them a bunch of rhymes

Written by: Karen Kane (the original Hoofer)

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