I'll Have a Salty Chihuahua

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Although Beau, pictured above, isn't a chihuahua, he is however an Irish breed known as the Wheaton Terrier. Given that St. Paddy's Day is just around the corner, I wanted to pay homage to both my Irish and Mexican roots with a Salty Chihuahua and this adorable Wheaton Woofer. We often think of adult beverages during the season of St. Paddy's Day and why would this season be any different. In due time, the bag pipes will be playing, the kilts will be blowing in the wind, and the pint glasses will be overflowing. A time for celebration in the Irish culture as well as in the Hoofer culture.

The same month that green is proudly adorned so will the Hoofer shirts showcasing the day we took our first hoof; April 1st, 2017. Like a aged bottle of wine, we just keep getting more refined, more robust, and more flavorful by the day. In honor of all that there is to celebrate, why not share "how lucky I am to have my Hoofers" with some signature dog related drinks/beers that can be sipped while reading this blog.

Is it a Dog or a Fish?

Was this well-known beer named after the owner's love for his dog or for his love of fly-fishing the local waters stocked with trout? Well neither, the Dogfish Head name originated from a place in Maine where Calagione(the owner) spent his summers. Unfortunately, my husband was not the founder of this highly successful brand of craft beers, but it certainly has his two loves in the name. A few years back, we had the opportunity to visit "Dogfish Head Brewings and Eats" in Rehoboth Beach, Maryland and that was the highlight of our trip. Imagine a Woofer surrounded by all their toys and treats. Well that same feeling held true for my husband, fleets of beer for the sampling, decorative jugs to fill and take home, and apparel to purchase to show his dedication to the brand. Great memories and great stories will be shared for many years to come of that Summer vacation. Now obviously most people are familiar with this brand, but here are some others that have a woofer name in the title that should get a honorable mention.

Not howling for some beer? As luck would have it, I have some other cocktail driven choices inspired by Woofers that might be of your liking. Now I ordered "the salty Chihuahua" above, but I am not opposed to trying a few others. So whether it be an IPA or one of these signature cocktails, please share in raising your glass to another great year of Hoofin and Woofin. I am open to any Hoofin and Woofin related beverage name suggestions that might create a "buzz." Who knows, maybe we can take this business to the next level:)?

Can I Get a Hoofer on the Rocks?

This is my favorite cocktail of all for various reasons. It's my go to drink when having a challenging day. It's the drink that tastes the same every time one sips it. It warms the heart and is good to the last sip. No additives are necessary because this purity of greatness is all that is needed. Low on calories given all the Hoofin that takes place. If I could bottle up my Hoofers and keep them forever on a shelf I would. Like our visit to Dogfish Head that one summer, friendships were formed rather unexpectedly and the same holds true with these gals. Some of the adjectives I would use to describe them that hold true in describing our favorite cocktails are:

aged(in a good way:), aromatized, best-tasting, notable, blended, bold, one-of-a-kind, classic, pleasing, pure, refined, distinct, savory, spirited, invigorating, and well balanced.

Now, if I were to give them their own cocktail names they would be:

Hoofer Ann: The Runnin' Rum (be ready for the ride)

Hoofer Val: Tell it Like it Is Tequila (be prepared for what's to be said)

Hoofer Linda: Feline Fuzzy Froth (purring may follow after a few)

Hoofer Laura: Sun Spritzer (not recommended if UV index is at a 10)

Hoofer Johna: Margarita Mama (babysitter definitely recommended for this one)

Ok, maybe not the most creative names, but my point is they all deserve accolades and notoriety for their distribution (whether keg, 6 pack, or glass) of quality care. A drink is only as good as the bartender that makes it and same holds true for this Kane9 pack. The Woofer experience is only as good as the Hoofer at the end of the leash. Like any happy hour we surround ourselves with great conversation, many laughs, and a sense of belonging. So at our next Hoofer Happy Hour, I will be sure to have these signature drinks available in celebration of all that we have and all that we will continue to do.

Whatever your choice is, I think we can all agree that a toast is in order for all the greatness that has come from this balanced jointure; otherwise known as Hoofin and Woofin.

Written by: Karen Kane (the original Hoofer)

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