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Updated: Nov 4, 2019

In the Hoofer world, there are physical attributes that stand out that makes each person special. Something that grabs our attention or is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about that person. Let's take a look at my Kane9 pack. I just love Hoofer Ann's cleft chin (don't know many woman with this), Hoofer Linda's deep rich hair color (and it's natural...I think?!), Hoofer Laura's glowing healthy skin tone, Hoofer Val's soft smile, and of course Hoofer Johna's wild curls. I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. Well in the Woofer world the same holds true. While we are walking, playing, or visiting a woofer there are certain attributes we find endearing.....let's have a look.

Hoofer Val loves Archer's wet and always working nose. He reminds us everyday the importance of his nose and why we gravitate towards admiring this sense. Whether he is sniffing us out, on a scent, or smelling the air for that snausage treat bag, we admire it. Have a look, doesn't it make you want to smooch the tip of that nose?

Bella, a rescue mutt, has the most perfectly outlined black eyes that most millennials are emulating with their makeup application these days. Her sister, Roxy the most perfect saggy butt!

Liko's fuzzy ears melts our hearts and reminds us that this golden retriever puppy still has to more ears to grow into!

Casey, a Boston Terrier, has different color front legs, one black and one white, which is unique to her.

Beau, a pitbull (pictured to the right) has the most defining brindles you've ever seen. His mom makes sure he is fed the most healthy of food to keep this attribute shining. How handsome is he? It also serves as a camouflage during certain seasons.

Rowlf's ears seem to flop every which way; especially on a windy day which compliments his "goofy" personality.

Maui's panting tongue surrounded by his white muzzle gets Hoofer Johna laughing.

Bella's snaggle tooth is pronounced from time to time depending on the day. Just look at that pearly white tooth!

Bailey, another Boston terrier, has ears are so pronounced that on a sunny day her shadow makes those ears look like bunny ears.

Cookie, a Teddy bear Havanese, has a tri-color mustache that tucks her little chicklet teeth away. Who knew a mustache on a girl could be so hip?!

Charlie's eyes can melt your heart and have his hoofers giving him one more treat. You'd do the same too! It's unavoidable.

Ellie, a terrier mix, has such a lean muscular body which leaves me wishing mine was just as fit!:)

Penny's coat, a creamy yellow, has such a soothing palette, I find I'd like to replicate that same color onto my interior walls.

Diesel's, a German Shepherd, black muzzle balanced with his erect ears makes me think he is near perfection aesthetically. Actually he is perfect.

Tangerine's paw along with the rolls that lay perfectly on them is what brings a smirk onto Hoofer Laura's face. I think Tang knows it is her signature marking. She will often tuck all extremities in like a burrito except this leg.

Shayna, Bella's boxer sister, has an exceptionally long tongue that we have no choice but to notice. Not only does this tongue add character, it adds wetness to anything it comes in contact with.

Grady's curly coat on his back reminds us all of the ocean waves that soon await us.

Sampson, a mix breed, has a shorter snout that "begs" to be smooched on and a solid body that drives all the woofers nuts!

Nala's puffball body with one ear standing up with the other one drooping gives this girl an eclectic look that we love. Her brother Colin's lean body reminds me of the endless energy this powerhouse has!

Ruckus' a Bulldog, eyes that glance back at me for either reassurance or lovingly on our walks or with disbelief that he must walk is what I love most. I choose the beforementioned reason.

Cooper's, a Cavalier, long curly ears reminds me of my teenage years when spiral perms were the trend.

Sayla's, a Weimaraner, eyes are as piercingly beautiful as they come and are always following your every move.

Baily boy's eyelashes is what I love most about him. Who knew guys could have such long luxurious lashes to flirt with!

Kuma's ears and how they vary in position based on his moods is what my eyes are drawn to. He has his walking ears, his I am getting a treat ears, and his chillin' ears to display throughout the day.

Darla's, a Great Dane, flapping muzzle with a hint of pink is what brings a smile to my face; especially on windy days.

Although only knowing Gigi a pit mix for a week, she has the most expressive human eyes I have seen. They speak to us with either gaining the hopes of another treat or when she wants to cut her walk short No need for speech when you have eyes like hers.

This blog may seem a bit odd to some of my readers for its subject matter, but if you are like us, it wasn't difficult to come up with content. Obviously, we love our woofers head to tail, but have a look at your woofer and I am sure you could add to your own list. Makes me wonder what part of me do they love? If I had to guess....my hands. Afterall, that's where belly rubs, treats, and leashes all originate from.

Written by: Karen Kane (the original Hoofer)

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