Don't Judge a Woofer by Her Spots

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

I am sure you have all heard the saying, "don't judge a book by its cover".  Something we all may engage in from time to time without even noticing.  In fact I have been told that I look like a "hippie chick" with my free flowing clothes and my patchouli smell to accompany the look.  With that image comes a laid back, free spirited soul, along with the stereotype that I must engage in mood altering drugs.  Well anyone who knows me knows that I am a type A personality trapped in a laid back persona.  I did not and do not partake in herbs.  The only assumption that is accurate is my patchouli smell as my husband often refers to as "hippie stink!" Often as a hoofer I look at the social and psychological aspect as it relates to my woofers and this subject matter came to mind with two woofers in particularly: Darla and Beau.

Pictured above is Darla, a Great Dane Harlequin, weighing in around 125 lbs.  From this picture it is obvious that she doesn't even fit comfortably onto her couch so she compensates with her two front paws on the ground.  Given her size here are some myths I would like to debunk about large dogs.:

Big dogs can't live in small spaces:  Darla lives quite comfortably either on her hoofer's bed between her mom and dad or laying alongside a makeshift fire in her cozy cape cod house.

Big dogs make great guard dogs:  Although intimidating at first, Darla does let out a bark when we enter, but soon switches to offering her paw.

Big dogs are more aggressive:  Darla is as gentle as they come and wouldn't even hurt a stuffed animal; literally.  They are her babies.

Big dogs aren't good with kids:  Darla's hoofer owns a daycare in the area and has brought Darla in to share with her little loves.  Often mistaken as a horse, Cali, Darla's hoofer, uses this opportunity to explain the differences; one being Darla does not produce milk!

Big dogs aren't lap dogs:  Darla does not understand nor discriminate as to which lap she will cuddle on.  It may not be comfortable for the Hoofer but with eyes like give in to her request and tolerate the heaviness.

As you can see, don't assume Darla is a cow(based on her spots and size) or that she is a confident in her own huge, muscular build.  She is gentle and at times can be a bit scared of even her own shadow.  She is as sweet as they come and presents herself quite contrary to what you see!

Don't Judge Beau by His Spindles

BEAUfore you judge this guy(Beau) and his breed, brindle pit bull,

I would like to share some myths that sure need to be replaced with personal experience and  education. Beau came into his hoofer's life via their college aged child bringing him home. To look at Beau with his stellar build and broad shoulders one could become frightened in his presence. Don't judge this woofer by his brindle, his energy is as calming and chill as they come.  Let's have a look at how he challenges the myths about Pit bulls:

They are inherently viscous:  Yes, Beau can be viscous with that wagging tail and his initial offering of a toy to share.  I just make sure I avoid that whipping tail.

Pit bulls aren't good with kids: Stop by Beau's neighborhood anytime during bus stop hours and you will see all the neighborhood kids running over to Beau for their daily dose of love.

They aren't safe around other dogs: I actually met Beau through a hoofin excursion with another client.  Charlie, a Hoofin and Woofin client, can be nervous around other dogs, but in Beau's presence he knows he is safe and loved.

Bad people keep pit bulls and use them for fighting: Well, this couldn't be farther from the truth, Beau's hoofers are the friendliest/kindest folks you will ever meet.  Beau's dad has a warm inviting smile and his mom makes him the most delicious meals that I'd often like a serving of.

It is my hope with this blog that when you meet a woofer or even a hoofer for that matter that you take the time to get to know them.  Often what you see outwardly is often times not in alignment with what's on the inside.  I'd like to thank Darla and Beau for reminding me of this life lesson each and everyday.  So next time you see me out and about with either of them, be sure to stop by and say hello and see for yourself who they really are.....simply the BEST.

Written by: Karen Kane (the original Hoofer)

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