Marking My Territory

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May was a busy month at Hoofin and Woofin. Several of our Woofers have moved into their new territories.  Never an easy adjustment, but with some extra butt scratches, some prolonged snout kisses, and extra treats we can help with the transition.

  • Rowlf (pictured with Hoofer Val above) showed us where his roots lie.  During our meet and greet, he communicated to us that he prefers to take care of business on concrete; a city slicker for sure.  During his transition, he has taken to the plush, dew drop grass for his toileting needs.  He has really practiced his landing with 3 poops a visit. Way to go Rowlf your parents couldn't be more proud.  In fact, they have ordered a bumper sticker that reads...."My Woofer poops 3x more than yours!"Not only does he utilize the grass for doing business, but he uses it as a backscratcher too!  He has the grass "fur" stains to prove it! 

Darla (pictured with Hoofer Karen) went from a small cape cod to an expansive yard and house and is loving every moment of it!  She has a bay window to view life pass her by and she always has our eye on us as we arrive.  Her new neighborhood is full of sounds from wind chimes, to new Woofers saying hello, to the wildlife that finds refuge in the pond next door.  A true relaxing oasis spot for Darla.  We couldn't have been more thrilled to still be able to provide Darla daily walks in her new area; her former Hoofers Ann and Jennie wish her all the best!  We were able to transition Darla with her new Hoofers Johna and Val and they couldn't be more thrilled to walk this "gentle giant." 

Lastly, is Maui with a sign that lets visitors know exactly what is role in the house.  Although not recently relocated, he sure has moved up in the woofer world with major changes.  He no longer spends some of his day in a crate.  He now can roam free in the TV room and has really enjoyed the area rug and it's fine fibers via his mouth.  He now has access to his own chaise lounge with a pillow adorned with his own image.  You may agree with the sign above him, but he feels like he has earned this all!  And I tend to agree. 

Not only can a Hoofer ease this transition with a sense of familiarity, but so can these techniques too.  Wishing all my newly relocated woofers all the best in their new digs! 

Written by: Karen Kane (the original Hoofer)

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