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Updated: Nov 4, 2019

There's something about Halloween that takes me right back to my youth. A time where I eagerly awaited the scary characters adorned on the front lawns of my neighborhood, the eerie music heard on the radio with the spooky laugh ending the song, and a time where I could be anything I wanted even if it were just for the day. When Mia, a black Labrador, entered our lives, I was elated to hear from the breeder that she was born on Halloween. In fact, I took it upon myself to plan a Halloween B'day party in her honor. Keep in mind this was before kids when I had the time! The invites went out to her Woofer pals, the goody bags were made complete with a framed picture of Mia and some tasty treats, the nearby trail was mapped out in advance, and the B'day cake was made out of wet dogfood molded into the shape of a bone. One by one they pulled up to our home, adorned in their Halloween costume best. Mia dressed as a bumble bee, Harry as a cowboy, and Penelope as a hot dog. It was a great time. Looking back, was this event more for the Hoofers or for the Woofers? If I am being honest, I think Mia enjoyed it all minus the costume. However, some Woofers enjoy becoming something else for the day. Need some ideas? Here's a link that will generate some great ideas.

May the Musical

Pictured above is our very own Miss May. Her Hoofer mom, Melissa, did not visit the beforementioned link as May's costume was purchased at a local store. She looks super adorable right? Well, the only issue was May and another Woofer showed up in the same costume during this holiday celebration! Not a problem for Hoofer and Woofer alike....they both found the humor in it. Just look at May's smile! Or could the smile be about placing 6th in "musical carpet" game at the Tristate Basset Hound Rescue Howl-o-ween Picnic? Let's be honest with Bassett Hound legs may put her at a disadvantage, but May is all about the fun! Interested in following this fun-loving adventurous Woof? You can follow her @missmay_thebassador on Instagram.

Oh That Shark Bite....

Here we have Duke escaping his Woofer land lifestyle for that of the sea. In this fantasy he can swim with the dolphins, swim backstroke and bask in the sun, or visit a deserted island filled with treat treasures. His teeth may look ferocious here, but his personality doesn't match that of a powerhouse shark. Again the beauty of Halloween....a time to be something you typically aren't. His Hoofer Patricia takes Duke around his local neighborhood to give him the opportunity to share his new persona. She always keeps in mind Halloween safety for Duke and so should you! Here's a great article to help ensure you have covered all bases. The main point that I would like to stress here is have your Woofer properly ID due to the high risk for door darting Halloween night. In actuality, it's important to have an ID collar on in general.

Witch Lamby are You?

If you have followed some of my previous blogs you may have read "The Sacrificial Lamb" blog. Basically it was my exploration into what this poor lamb has done to be shredded by so many Woofers? Well as you can see by the picture, she has been dressed as a witch by the manufacturer. Really a witch? Of all the costumes she could have been the manufacturer has chosen the most predictable one. All that she has been through, she deserves a more thought out, embellished costume. I think my readers would agree. Besides the more embellished the costume, the more for the Woofer to shred.

In closing, as we walk our Woofers this Halloween season, although we may admire the varied picturesque scenes, we remain mindful of how our Woofer's interpret them. For example, Sayla, a Weimaraner, has her fur stand on end as she barks at the flying ghosts. Therefore, I am mindful to cross the road with any mobile décor. You can also include Darla, a Great Dane, in the mix as she's not feeling the Halloween spirit either. However, leave it to Casey, a Boston terrier puppy, who chooses this time of year to heighten her sniffing skills as well as chase the wind blown leaves. Whichever style Woofer you have, be mindful of their Halloween desires, but that shouldn't stop you from reminiscing of a time when we could eats mounds of chocolate without feeling sick!

Written by: Karen Kane (the original Hoofer)

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