Hanging with the Hoofers

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

SO What's a Hoofer?

Well, it's a made up term I use to describe anyone who walks a Woofer. It can be paid staff, a random person on the street holding a leash, or the parents of the Woofers we walk. For the sake of this blog, I will discussing the Hoofin and Woofin Hoofers and our Woofer parents and the unexpected relationship formed as a result of this partnership.

It's interesting where life takes us and for me it started with a name that morphed into meeting new Woofers and Hoofers. Most of my Hoofer hires either literally crossed my path or were a referral from friends or even my Woofer clients. Each and everyone of them brings something to this pack that makes for a well-rounded team. There is obviously the skill sets and delivery of service that is important in this process, but it's the deepen relationships that are a an added bonus that I most appreciate. Let's have a closer look at these "Hoofer connections" and why I will forever have these memories etched in my mind for years to come.

Want to go for a run?

Absolutely not Hoofer Ann; especially the distance you go! That is what brought Hoofer Ann into my life. She saw that I was opening up shop and inquired if I needed any runners. I must be honest, at first I read the email incorrectly and thought she was opening up a similar business. Luckily, I received clarity from Hoofer Ann and realized that she wanted to join me in my venture. Through our Hoofin' I have witnessed her giving ways, HUGE heart, and strong desire to see me succeed. Prior to her inquiry, our conversations were a minimal "Hi how are you!" I am thrilled that I have gotten to know her on a deeper level and have broken through her shy exterior. She really seems to be able to do it all and my life goal after meeting her is to be only half as proficient in time management as she is. Oh and reach Saint status like her:)

Let's hit the beach?

Wish I could Hoofer Laura, but I have a business to run! It's not easy being a business owner, but reliable and caring Hoofers like yourself make it a little easier. Having known Hoofer Laura for over the ten years we always would engage in light conversations with a few laughs and that was the extent of it. Our only connection at that time was that we both had children in the same grade. When I had approached her about Hoofin, I did so because I had a feeling that her LOVE for her children and care had to carry over into the Woofer World and I was correct. Now having known Laura on a deeper level for a few years now, I admire her care, love, and dedication to her family, her attention to detail, and how much she cares. My life goal as a result of being in her presence, is to be more observant of my surroundings and interactions. Oh and to cook more DELICIOUS meals for my family; I've really been slacking. Cheers to you Laura.....my family thanks you!:)

You Had Me With That Smile!

Feels like yesterday I met Hoofer Linda at a local coffee shop and what I remember most was her warm smile and sweet soul. I normally wouldn't have hired someone I didn't know personally, but there was something about this Hoofer that reassured me that all would work out. Turns out I couldn't have been more spot on with my assessment; she is the salt of the Earth. Through our conversations, throughout her Hoofin' career, I have learned that she is one remarkable caring woman who puts others before herself. This can be seen with her care of the feral cats in her neighborhood as well as those at the barn where he horse Cooper resides. Not to mention all that she will do for her family too! Always willing to lend a helping hand and for this I am grateful for. This kindness and selflessness that I have witnessed is something I will try to put into practice just like Hoofer Linda does.

How Could I Say No!

Hoofer Lynn sought me out via FB and as much as I have a love/hate relationship with this social media program it brought me this Hoofer. I wasn't looking to grow my pack, but how could I not take on this vet tech looking to explore her passion via Hoofin and Woofin. Only knowing her for such a short time I have found that we share in the same philosophies of parenting, same philosophies with Woofers, and most importantly the same unique voice that always gives our identity away. I look forward to finding out more similarities as we continue down the same path of Hoofin.

Curly Hair Women Are a Dying Breed

Hoofer Johna came to me wearing a foot brace. In hindsight, I find it quite comical that someone would show up for a dog walking job in a foot brace. Well, I should have known at that time that she doesn't let anything get in her way and will move mountains if need be. Luckily for me, the brace was short lived and only served as a reminder of her perseverance to get better so she could Hoof. In the short time that I have known her, she has taught me where there is a will there is a way. That isn't the only life lesson. She has also taught me that family time is a must and needs to be intertwined within one's busy schedule. I've learned through Johna to always remain humble in life's accomplishments and a positive attitude goes a long way.

Can You Spare a Kidney?

There aren't any Woofers that are in need of one thank goodness, but if that were the case I have no doubt Hoofer Val would give hers up. Not sure this is feasible but she would certainly look into this. Hoofer Val has a HUGE heart and there isn't anything she wouldn't do for her Woofers. She connects with them wholeheartedly and they all respect her too! Our paths crossed when one of my customers put me in contact with this newly retired Hoofer who worked behind a desk for over 30 years. I had probably passed her in Shop-Rite a thousand times prior but now I can jokingly bump into her cart and catch up on life. If she could she would save every animal in need as that is the type of person she is. Hoofer Val's dedication to these Woofers is what I admire most and serves as a reminder every day as to why I took on this venture. Her empathy and her ability to put herself in "their paws is what I love most about her. Love what you do and do what you love is her motto!

Whose Your Hoofer?

Last but not least a honorable mention to all the Hoofers of my clients whom I initially had the pleasure of connecting with whether it be via a phone call, FB message, a conversation on the street, or an email. Although this connection starts formally, it soon transforms into a deeper connection. How could this not happen when I have witnessed major milestones in their lives such as the purchase of a new house, a growing families, the changes in careers just to name a few. Obviously being with the Woofers is why I went into this, but all the new friends I have picked up along the way is an added bonus. What started as instructions into the care of their Woofers becomes texts with questions on other areas in their lives, pictures of milestones, words of encouragement with the business, and on occasion a drink on them for my service. This is exactly what I envisioned, a business that served a need but developed into a personal, connective relationships and I am happy to report I have accomplished this. Hanging with the Hoofers isn't requirement, but a choice that I eagerly welcome.

These new relationships have added a new dimension to my life that I would not have had without these Woofers. Our bond is unique to me as they have all been a part of this new journey I have taken that can be challenging at times, but mostly rewarding. They have all been there wanting the best for me along the way. My social circle continues to grow with each phone call, business inquiry, or short conversation and for this I am thankful.

Written by: Karen Kane (the original Hoofer)

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