Function Before Fashion

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Who says you have to compromise fashion for function? Here's Gigi preparing for Spring showers in her rugged yet stylish slicker that protects her shiny woofer coat from the elements. It really is quite entertaining walking down her busy road in Middletown and witnessing all the smiles this "pittie" brings while wearing this gear. What cracks me up the most is when she looks for a modest location, such as underneath a bush, to take care of her business, but this bright colored coat ruins her plans. Gigi has chosen to continue her fashionable sense nonetheless, but never compromises function. Spring has sprung and as much as we all welcome the change in season there are some hidden dangers to be aware of. Below are just a few of these hidden dangers.

Rocks Make for the Perfect Bedding

When I look at Penny laying on her beautifully masoned walkway I think how comfortable can that be? Mind you she has a very plush lawn just a few feet away. So why does she choose this slab of rock? For its warming feature of course. As her Hoofer I do monitor the length of time she "bakes" in the sun; especially with her short-haired coat. Penny will often sprawl her belly onto this paver with her two hind legs kicked out in the froggy position. When it is time to end our session, I have to physically peel her off the stone and coax her back into the house. Penny was recently adopted by Melissa and lived a majority of her life as a stray. Therefore, for Penny, this is the equivalent of a dog bed to her. Her sister May prefers the plush accommodations of a pile of dirt and will often fluff the dirt just so to accommodate her lengthy Basset Hound body.

I Spy Evidence of Spring

Gracie is really good at this game and often finds the most colorful natural backdrop to take a selfie. Although Gracie doesn't suffer from seasonal allergies, many of our "hypoallergenic" woofers do. I find it ironic that these breeds which are meant to provide relief for Hoofer's whom are allergic suffer themselves. Is this just another act of a woofer's selfless love? Unfortunately, for some of my allergy suffering woofers they don't necessarily need to play "I spy" to know Spring has arrived. Here's an article worth reading about seasonal allergies in hopes that it will put an end to the endless scratching I witness so often this time of year.

Brandon is Buckled

This recent rescue has ever gadget imaginable to help him succeed in the Woofer world. He has his ID collar, he has his "no pull harness", he has his two handle leash and his treat bag to boot. Daylight savings often serves as a reminder to change smoke detector batteries. I am going to implement this day as well as other days as a reminder to check harnesses, collars, seat belts, and leashes for any fray, compromised buckles, and proper fitting. Most of these items have a life span so be sure to give a visual check. Speaking of equipment, if you take your Woofer on weekend excursions be mindful to ease them into this as they will need to shed their winter Coat so to speak. Please be aware that just as we need to work our way into our Spring workouts so do our Woofers. Brandon takes his workouts seriously with a downward dog before each jaunt and a hydration moment post workout!

Oreo and Milkshake are loving the Spring air in this picture and I am sure their awaiting a cookie too! With the temperatures rising, it provides a great opportunity to open those sliding glass doors and windows too. Be sure to check screens to be sure they are secure.

Here's a true story whereas the owner of a house in Middletown did not check their screens. Hoofer Johna and I walked past this house with Gunnar (one of our clients) and a rather large dog was upstairs barking and lunging from his second story window. In his excitable state, he knocked the screen out and continued to bark. Unfortunately the owners were not home. We called the police department in hopes they could track down the owners and they did. That memory will be forever etched into our brains and am thankful it did not end sadly.

This Spring as the flowers bloom, the rain rolls in, and the temperatures warm use this time as a reminder to visit this checklist to be sure our Woofers are safe. As we count on them for endless love and loyalty they count on us to keep them safe. May the tulips bloom and the pollen leave that green film this Spring; we have sprung into action.

Written by: Karen Kane (the original Hoofer)

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