Confessionals of a Woofer

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Ruckus, pictured above, has a confession to make and is coming clean on the Hoofin and Woofin blog page to avoid having to go to the confessional booth. It isn't something that developed overnight, it isn't something that bothers anyone, and isn't a behavior he will be ending soon. It's a loving relationship between his bear and himself that emulates a "mother/child moment." Ruckus gets into the zone and suckles on bear's face and nothing else matters in that moment but the two of them. Try and take bear away before he's done and he will give you a growl. Not an assertive growl, more like I am not through yet. I've reflected on this act and have pondered the reasons. Could it be that he left his mommy and littermates too soon? Does this behavior relax him? Or could it just be a routine for him? Whatever the case, Ruckus I say continue on and I will never knock it until I've tried it! Let's be honest, I don't think I'll be trying this anytime soon. Ruckus, you aren't alone, Gigi, not only suckles on her monkey, but even her bed. You are two "peas in a pod" and perhaps should start a "suckling" meet up group in the Middletown area.

Whereas Ruckus prefers to engage in his unique behavior with an inanimate object, Nala prefers the participation of her brother Colin. Some call this behavior "humping" but Nala likes to use the terminology "piggy back ride." We all know there are many woofers that "take piggy back rides" so what makes this behavior different. Well, it's when Nala decides to take that ride. It will literally come out of left field while Colin is in an intense game of fetch. She will literally interrupt the game and attempt to get a "free ride." What does Colin do? He acts like its just one crazed fan, brushes her off, and awaits the next toss. Nala, no need to go to confession, your brothers just rolls with it like his game of fetch!

So what's so confessional worthy about a toy hanging from Rowlf's mouth? Not much, but it's socks that Rowlf prefers. This guy is so confident with himself and his fetishes he has no problem taking it to the streets. It's the Hoofers that have him "leave it" before the start of every walk. We want Rowlf to be comfortable in his own paws, it's just the pressure of keeping track of that sock along the way that we can't handle. Let's face it, socks don't have a great track record for sticking around. Besides we don't want Rowlf "airing his dirty laundry" either. Now Rowlf's parents, Shawn and Anne, could easily put all their hampers up high or close doors. They view this as one of the many endearing traits he possess. As long as he doesn't ingest his finds they support this habit! Who needs toys when clothing is just as good!

Here's Diesel posing with the scenic Clay Pit Creek backdrop complimenting his rugged demeanor. Looks straightforward, right? Well, what the viewer aern't aware of is Diesel's little hidden secret that he has carried for many years and just recently told his vet. He now feels better getting this off his furry chest. Surrounding him is an opportunity to do what he loves....lick the ground. The snow doesn't deter that tongue of his, he just has to work that much harder with its placement. His tongue knows exactly where to unravel to get the best specimens. His Hoofers have come to learn that rainy days aren't the best time to engage in this unique behavior, it's the next day for whatever reason. You know the saying " a dog's tongue is the cleanest there is!" I challenge that theory!

In closing, this blog wasn't meant to publicly shame its woofers or make them feel like they have sinned. I share this in celebration of their uniqueness and in some cases their camaraderie. How boring would the Woofer world be if all they did was sleep, eat, poop, and play?! So Tang you keep deflating every ball you receive, Finn you keep licking my skin over and over, and Cookie keep aiming for my open mouth to land your kiss because life's too short to be mainstream!

Written by: Karen Kane (the original Hoofer)

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