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Updated: Nov 4, 2019

What a year it has been for Hoofers and Woofers alike.  As I age, I find my memory isn't as sharp as it once was, but luckily I have all these great photos to refresh it. This past year saw many changes with Hoofin and Woofin such as new services, new headquarters, new territories to mark, and new clients that joined our ever growing Kane9 pack. However, with all these changes I am thrilled to say our Hoofer team remains the same. We've witness so many milestones both in the Hoofer and Woofer worlds and we were there for every paw print left behind. So I raise "a treat" in celebration for all the big and little milestones accomplished and for all those to surface in 2019!

Let's take a look at some of the milestones I just spoke of:

  • Rowlf's parents tied the knot this Summer down South and have the pictures to prove it.

  • Darla's mom is expecting a "littermate" this coming year and Darla's been practicing her motherly duties.

  • Sampson switched his city slicker lifestyle for the country and we are pleased to report he LOVES it.

  • Lana now gets chicken mixed with her kibble...hasn't stopped meowing.

  • Diesel has formed a crush on Hoofer Johna and isn't afraid to share it!

  • Bailey now gets to roam the kitchen when no one is home and is a good girl.

  • Maui now has a sibling and all her new toys!

  • Penny now ventures further on walks in her neighborhood.

  • May is showing her foster sister the ropes and the importance of treats.

  • Milkshake, Oreo, and Ellie are enjoying their new digs; especially the basement romp area.

  • Archer will soon share his house with a "hoofer baby."

  • Cookie will be leaving the corral for couch living in the new year.

  • Shayna and Bella will now see Hoofers 5 times a week...hoorah!!

  • Liko's territory is now expanding to the neighborhood and all the new scents that come with it!

  • Nala and Colin's mom is starting a new job and we wish her well!

  • Pepper is sporting a stylish jacket and knows it!

  • Tang has discovered a marina nearby and has made some new friends with the local ducks.

  • Sayla got a new harness that has some bling on it which brings out her beautiful eye color.

  • Bella and Roxy received new feminine collars so no one mistake's them for boys anymore.

  • Ruckus has walked further than ever before, but let's be honest, he's not sure how he feels about that.

  • Kuma willingly goes for walks when he didn't before and waits for me by the front door.

  • Charlie has had many sleepovers with Gracie which he LOVES.

  • Brandon is becoming more comfortable in his environment and loves bird watching.

  • Grady received a new tennis ball thrower for endless fetch fun.

  • Casey has finally outgrown her puppy harness and now cruises her hood!

As you can see, change is always taking place and that's what keeps us Hoofin'. Truly a rewarding job that we consider ourselves lucky to be a part. How could we not love our job when we are met EACH AND EVERY TIME with such excitement and love with wagging tails and slurping tongues.

I resolve to continue what we do best in 2019, that is deliver our Hoofin services exactly the way the Woofer wants it and NEVER deviate from that plan. Need some Woofer related resolutions; I resolve to have you covered with this list to draw from.

May 2019 bring continued health and happiness to all!

Written by: Karen Kane (the original Hoofer)

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