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Updated: Nov 4, 2019

As I spent the past week pet sitting predominantly my elderly clientele, it reminded me on my own aging process.  Achy bones, more sleep required, and not as much pep in my step. However, I quickly changed my mindset to my younger more carefree years. 

I see my senior woofers as they are today not knowing what they must have been like in their younger years.  I have been told stories, shown pictures, but I can only hypothesize what it must have been like.  Thought it would be fun to share with you some of my senior Woofers and share a "little woofer story" as I envision them to have been during their younger years.

Given his sweet big brown eyes I can only imagine Cooper as such:

*a lap dog always by his mom's size


endless belly rubs

*would have gotten all that he wanted just with a look with those sweet eyes

*not requiring much other than a delicious treat from time to time. 

*A boy who would welcome everyone into the home making them feel as if they were just as special as Cooper.

How about Hailey?

Well Hailey to me would have been a very different scenario than Cooper.  This dynamo I envision as knowing what she wanted, when she wanted it and how she wanted it.  A true independent gal who despite her size would go the distance with few complaints.  Confidence that we all wish we had. Hailey must have been a woofer who "what you saw was what you got!"  She has many characteristics I would have admired then and admire now.

Jack in the Box

I would predict that he was a mamas boy through and through.  A playful pup, who enjoyed exploration, but in the end, would always come back to momma for reassurance.  Always showing affection to whomever would be a willing participant.  Could go the distance with a romp session with his sister Betty, but would have enjoyed a lazy day in the sun for sure.  A loving soul, but loved to spend most of his time alongside momma.  I bet he was always a willing recipient of her motherly ways and love.

Princess Giselle

Lastly, when I think of how Giselle must have been in her younger years I think of her exactly the same as she is today.  A character for sure, who beats to her own drums.  Does she view herself as a woofer? Absolutely not, she enjoys the same accommodations as her Hoofers.  Even in her elderly years, a romp session is always a must and this girl can go the distance.  When out on the town, she makes her presence known...after-all she is a princess.

These little woofers stories may be spot on or may not be.  What I do know is that I feel fortunate enough to have come into their lives at any stage.  Each and everyone of them has taught me a life lesson that I could have only experienced haven given them some care.

Life Lessons:

Cooper the Cavalier: Always be thankful for the little things in chicken pieces in a meal.

Hailey: Stay true to yourself; it will NEVER steer you wrong.

Jack:  No matter what, mom will always have your back.

Giselle: Never underestimate the healing power of laughter.

These little woofer stories all have a happy ending..... a loving pack of humans that treat them with love, dignity, and respect.  Afterall, they've earned it. 

As their Hoofer, I may have to clean up some messes, take my energy down a notch and meet them where they are, speak loudly, and be more cognizant of their limitations.  They've earned this respect.  

In the end, I hope they can reflect back to their younger years as I do and have a big smile on their face for how they were and what they've become.  I've learned a great deal from these wise woofers. 

In closing, here is a great article to help your woofer with the aging process....your care makes all the difference.

Written by: Karen Kane (the original Hoofer)

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