A Hoofer's Resolution

The start of the New year can be exhilarating, liberating and intimidating depending on how you view it. Luckily, in the Woofer world, they don't subscribe to our paper calendar and typically live in the moment. This year I'd like to use the start of 2020 as an opportunity to subscribe to some new resolutions I think Sadie would be interested in me following. I invite you to do the same, afterall, don't our Woofers deserve something new to look forward to in 2020. Let's howl in the New Year in style?

Raise Your Bone to a Sensational 2020 Sadie

Coming up with a list can be daunting; especially if you plan on following it. Now I could be dishonest and just write something up for sake of blogging, but I think I owe it to Sadie, especially given her patience with sharing me with other Woofers in 2019, to carry out this list. Change is good, so Sadie grab your bone and "let's do plenty in 2020!"

1) Life is too short to walk the same path in life; literally and figuratively. This holds true in both the Woofer and Hoofer worlds. With so many scents to explore, wonderful parks at our dispense, and resources on the internet to give us ideas, why not make a plan to visit a new place a week? I think I can handle it. Here's a list of some New Jersey "hot spots" for you and your Woofer.

2) Board games seem to be the rage and a way for families to gather around the table for a few laughs as well as bond in the process. Well, your Woofer may not be able to get their paws in place to play a round of Hungry Hippo, but they certainly would engage in a Woofer appropriate one. Sadie enjoys treats and what better game to play than "find it." Here's how to play.

3) "Mom can Bailey sleep over?" Socialization is so important in the Woofer world, not to mention the pure exhaustion that is felt at the end of a session that can be so rewarding to witness. Now Sadie wasn't socialized at a young age, I would imagine given her response to other dogs, but in 2020 I promise to work with her in finding a playmate that is best suited for her personality. Isn't there someone for everyone?

4) Did you brush your teeth? OK if I am honest, at the end of the night I find it difficult at times to practice good oral hygiene myself let alone with Sadie. In 2020, I will make a realistic goal to brush her teeth once a week. Now this isn't her favorite past time, so here are some tips I will follow to ensure it's a pleasant experience.

5) Quality over quantity. Lastily, no resolution would be complete without reflecting on the activity that Sadie loves most: car rides. Now this is something I usually implement on a daily basis as I get a kick seeing her "freak-out" when I ask her, "Do you want to go for a ride?" My New Year's Resolution is to buckle her up in the back for her own safety. I have always been good about keeping her head in the car, but giving her full roam of the backseat just isn't safe. I buckle myself in, why wouldn't I do the same for her? This is the one resolution she would probably prefer do without, but I can't fathom doing without her should an accident occur. Here's a list of some restraints that will buckle them up to enjoy 2020 safely.

My list could go on and on, but if I want to set Sadie and myself up for success I will keep it short. Looking forward to 2020 and spending another year with not only Sadie, but all our other Woofers too! Cheers to 2020 and visiting that resolution list often; we've got this!

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