Get To Know Our Hoofers!

Social Work Skills Merge with Woofer World

How does my background in Social Work in combination with the woofer world set me apart from my competitors.  The skills below is what has made my business the success it is today:

  • problem solving

  • the ability to seamlessly maintain my woofer caseload

  • resource sharing

  • networking

  • time management

  • the ability to develop a great relationship with my woofers, their parents, and my hoofers

  • creative blogging on topics that matter

  • excellent read on dog behavior

  • create services that are inline with my client's needs (the woofer)

Hoofer Ann

Hoofer and New Owner Karin

As the proud new owner of Hoofin and Woofin, Karin is excited to continue to provide the top-tier service that clients know and love. Having successfully raised four girls, Karin meets the challenges of Hoofin and owning a new business head on!

Karin has been taking care of dogs her whole life, and even has two rescue dogs (with some behavioral and physical challenges) of her own.This enables Karin to utilize problem solving skills on a daily basis - which is a huge plus in rendering care. As another added bonus, everyone seems to know her in the area, which adds another layer of comfort and peace of mind for our clients.

Hoofer Karen

Hoofer Karen utilized many of her impressive skills, from her creative blogging to her experience reading doggie behaviors, to grow Hoofin and Woofin to the successful company it is now. Her background in social work in combination with her experience in the ‘woofer world’ allowed her to balance the intricacies of a successful business while maintaining great relationships with her woofers, their parents, and her hoofers. Although she recently took a step back from running the business, Karen continues to diligently maintain her own woofer caseloads. 

Hoofer Johna

This Hoofer always has a smile on her face and a sweet giggle to follow.  Hoofer Johna  brings to the position years of knowledge in dog care through the upbringing of her three Woofers; Buckley, Duffy and Maizy.  Always problems solving or sharing the latest gadget on the market.  She is also super observant which has also served to be helpful in her Hoofin' duties.  We are thrilled to have her positive energy surround us and our pack of Woofers.

Hoofer Ann

She is "Hoofer on the Go!  If you haven't seen her running with her own dog, Cooper, you may have seen her walking some of our Woofers.

What do I love most about Ann? Is her extreme care to detail and her undeniable love for her Woofers.  She cares for them as she would her own children.  She will always show up on time and prepared for what's ahead.  She can also multi-task like no one else!

Hoofer Val

Not only does she have a warm and sincere smile, but her care of the woofers mimics this energy.  After spending over 30 years in an office setting, this Hoofer is "howlin" with excitement to have a job that gets her moving and outdoors, one with low stress, and one that surrounds her with what she loves; the woofers. Nothing frazzles this hoofer and her woofers wait eagerly for her arrival.  Her attention to time is appreciated by hoofers and woofers alike. There isn't anything she won't do to please her woofers!

Hoofer Laura

Not only an avid dog lover, but a rescue mom as well. Like her fellow Hoofer Ann, she has great attention to detail, as prompt as they come, and a sense of humor that the Woofers love.  She approaches all situation with laughter while looking on the bright-side of things.  Loves a challenge and pushes herself to embrace the unexpected.  Always thinking of better ways to do things and will always lend a helpful hand.




Hours of Hoofin

Monday thru Sunday

7am - 6pm​​

Area of Service

Middletown, Rumson, Red Bank, and Fair Haven, New Jersey

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